Breathable Ceramics

Kenya Jiko Stove Modification: Exploring the Adsorptive Capabilities of Ceramics. Anthony Paolero (B.S. Mechanical Engineering ’18), Brendan Mooney (B.S. Energy Engineering ’18), Keith Kravec (B.S. Mechanical Engineering ’18) and Shawn Paolero (B.S. Mechanical Engineering ’18). HuMatLab-sponsored SEDTAPP Engineering Design Capstone project. Spring 2018.

In conjunction with Covestro Humanitarian Materials Seed Grant, Materials Research Institute, Penn State, 2017. Obonyo, E. (Principal Investigator), Mendum, R. (Co-PI), Osseo-Asare, D. (Co-PI), Njenga, M. (Co-PI), “A Humanitarian Materials Concept for Reducing Indoor Air Pollutants: A Kaolinite-based ceramic insert for CO Adsorption”.