“Enviromolecular” Venice Architecture Biennale

Work of HuMatLab researchers featured as part of the LowDO installation “Enviromolecular” at the 18th international architecture exhibition Biennale Architettura 2023: The Laboratory of the Future, curated by Dame Lesley Lokko.
Full-scale prototype 36 m^2 interactive, digital and physical
Venice Architecture Biennale 2023, Arsenale “Dangerous Liasons” (Low Design Office
References: Venice Biennale (2022), Dortmunder-U, UFA-Nantes, AMP-spacecraft

“Enviromolecular” refers to basic structure for life support and a “chemical” approach to building dynamic space. Atoms conjoin periodically to form molecules, minimum microstructures capable of performing a material’s chemical behavior – how matter interacts, electronically – enabling quantum effects to register harmonically at human-scale.

A trio of three fufuzela telling the story of AMP spacecraft