[pilot course] Open Design & Manufacturing — launching Spring 2020 at Penn State SEDTAPP

Open Design and Manufacturing pilot course for Penn State SEDTAPP. Co-developed with pioneering trailblazers: Elizabeth Andrezejewski (PhD Architecture), Alena Schwartz (Engineering Science), Edward Amoah (Computer Engineering). EDSGN 397. Spring 2020.

Open innovation and peer production are technology paradigms changing how we develop, launch and scale new businesses, products and services in the 21st-century.  Open platform models for internet-enabled collaboration — pioneered in open-source software and online wiki communities ­— are now transforming how people coordinate across time and space to design and make physical and digital things.

EDSGN397 «Open Design & Manufacturing» is a project-based course that presents open innovation and open source frameworks in software, hardware and machine design, design for open manufacturing, commons-based peer production, and how to leverage makerspace platforms to build future-oriented entrepreneurship ecosystems.

Course website: https://sites.psu.edu/hydroponicspsu/